Our first "guests" have added a lot to Casa Grace for Casa de Niños.
Please enjoy their comments below and add your own!
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  1. Hi. This is Jean Maas and I spent 4 months as the house mom for the girls at Casa de Ninos. I can't tell you what a welcome refuge Casa Grace was for me. Most of my free time (which wasn't a lot) was spent there. I especially love the enchanted garden! Truly it is! On a day when I was down and sat in the garden and began to sing, a huge black bird flew into the avocado tree to sing back. I saw that bird frequently after that and he/she would always add to any noise I cared to make. You can stay at a tourist hotel and have a whole lot more modern perks and conveniences, but if you do, you'll miss out on a place where God's presence is very felt. Next time I am in Tepic, Casa Grace is where I'll be. Hope I'll see you there. Jean

  2. More and more amenities are being added to Casa Grace through friends and in bits that fit into suitcases.

  3. Thanks Bernie for providing Casa Grace in Tepic for our construction mission team at It was great being able to house the team in one home on comfortable beds. They appreciated having a place to keep their cold drinks and make their morning coffee! we also took advantage of the beautiful courtyard and had a campfire with hot dogs with the Casa Kids on Friday night. May God continue to bless this place to accomplish His Kingdom purposes! Barbara Sanders
    February 22, 2017 at 5:18 PM