Saturday, July 21, 2018

Grant Writing for Future Education Groups to Visit Tepic

     I had no idea that securing nonprofit 501(c)3 status for Service Synergy would open so many doors beyond being able to receive tax-deductible donations. What a revelation to see that our government will grant money to organizations that promote international studies and foreign language learning. But Oh!, the hoops one must navigate in order to prove oneself legitimate and with a worthy cause. Your tax money is safe, fellow citizens! No fly-by-night person can get a government grant. The verification process alone requires ---I lost track of how many steps. After that there is the grant itself to write, and many good people to coordinate with, on both sides of the border.
     It has been a long time since (October '17) being in Tepic....Check out the latest newsletter from the list at right, to get an idea of how I hope to set up others to go with me.
     Kathryn and Omar, with little Anthony, will be enjoying Casa Grace while they find a place of their own.