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Back to the "Old"  Original Casa Grace, which has been totally remodeled. This video tour is missing one bedroom

Former Casa Grace Photos from when we were next door

Dining room from Kitchen
Bedroom #1 to the right at top of stairs

Bedroom 3 to left at top of stairs

Bedroom 2 in the middle at top of stairs
Kitchen from dining room
Kitchen from patio door

At the top of the stairs are three rooms and the full bath

Family-sized bathroom...

...and a huge shower area

The following videos are history of the "Old Original" Casa Grace.
Walk through Casa Grace with Bernie or Mily in the videos below.
The July 2016 tour, just below, will show you how the comfort, utility and aesthetic levels had risen. You might like to compare it with even earlier tours below it. Enjoy!
You can also check out the Casa Grace Facebook Page for some more photos and art.

You might like to compare the above, with the tour about 18 months before, below.

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