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Casa Grace is designed and equipped to house groups who want to serve Casa de Niños or enjoy lovely Nayarit in other ways. Casa family members who want the work can learn and earn in the areas of upkeep, guest orientation, preparing meals, interpreting, etc.
Accomodations are currently like those in a hostel, with beds, futons and mattress for 6 or for 10 if beds are shared. There is space for more friends. The actual fees and amenities will be written up soon will be around $20 per night or $120 per week per person. Amenities include shared kitchen use, a stocked pantry, fridge and two burner cooktop, 2 shared bathrooms (one with hot water), a stocked pantry, linen and internet.

Club Conversation

A cooperative English library and conversational English language immersion zone is located in one room and the patio of Casa Grace. Read more at the link above. The plans for the cooperative club are in English and linked on the page below:
Native speakers of English will also be able to connect with native speakers of Spanish for language-learning help using Club Conversation networks.

Libraries in English and Spanish
Books in English and Spanish will draw native speakers to the Conversation Club, creating new ways to network among all involved.

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Called "bolis," these plastic bags are filled with fruit in season (plentiful year-round in Nayarit), with water and sugar added. They are very popular with the kids and staff. Why couldn't kids make and sell them for a few extra pesos? It would take arranging, but there have been 20 kids in this casita before, plus 15 adults. A project would organize all that energy. Everything needed is on site.
Fridge + Blender = Yum!

So many Possibilities

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