Strategic Potential
Casa Grace is strategically located and has multi-faceted natural and spiritual potential for supporting Casa de Niños across the street. Donating can also set you up for a stay at Casa Grace.

We are now part of a tax-exempt non-profit called Service Synergy. You can donate through the PayPal Giving Fund with no fees at the link below. Please also email if you wish to direct your donation to a certain project.

The "Donate" button on Service Synergy's Facebook page is another fee-free way to give through Facebook's Network For Good.

This Service Synergy Paypal link, has fees, but allows you to direct your donation to a specific cause, or to choose an automatic monthly donation, and it doesn't require you to have a paypal account.

You can even donate without money simply shopping at Amazon or Fred Meyer! see how at this short post.

There are many other ways to support Casa Grace's causes and projects besides donating:

  • book a stay at Casa Grace,  pray, advise, network, spread the word, and....
  • Your donation can go towards a stay at Casa Grace if you book it within a year of your donation. Prices and terms for staying at Casa Grace for various uses are found in the Guest Guide at the  Amenities and Calendar tab above. Be sure to check out the photo & video tours, too. One, 6-person, 7-day stay would cover estimated monthly expenses, with 10% of that dedicated to direct cash support for the children's caregivers at Casa de Niños, who are on the front lines, loving these at-risk kids every day.
  • There are also two ways to donate without money, explained more in depth in the post Donate without money You simply connect your Fred Meyer or Amazon accounts to Service Synergy.

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