Vision &

To be a creative support resource
for the workers, family, friends and neighbors
of Casa de Niños Frank Gonzáles

To develop activities and cooperative cottage industries
based in education, hospitality, and service,
and to be an intentional community of young adult women
discovering and developing their identities
and a place for guests who want to serve
the workers, family, friends and neighbors
of Casa de Niños Frank Gonzáles
en español
"Mission" expandedIn English in Spanish

Casa Grace started about 5 years ago as a home base for visitors and helpers at Casa de Niños across the street. (It was dreamed of over 25 years ago.) Its goal is to benefit the large family there, as a hostel-style hospitality venue for their friends. 10% of income becomes a cash bonus to their caregivers. Casa Grace is designed to be self-supporting, so your contribution is appreciated. Because we are part of Service Synergy, a 501c3 educational non-profit, we’d be pleased to accept any donation (tax-deductible) along with fees. See We greatly welcome your word-of-mouth recommendation or social media postings that alert others to what we offer and what we are about. If you want some history, visuals and process concerning Casa Grace, go to or connect on Facebook at “Casa Grace Tepic.” Please “follow” us at all three places and sign up for our newsletter.

Projects to Develop the Land and Structures
1. Repair, remodel, clear, plant 
2. Paint, make kitchen secure, redo wiring to back rooms, extend roof over kitchen and back porch (done, 12-2020)
3. Tile and modernize back bathroom (done and in process)
4. Build a second story over back rooms to create new ones. This will depend on how much the gracious owners, Pedro and Gloria, want to develop with us, since we (Service Synergy) have decided to continue renting rather than buy.

A sketch of the rooms to be added over the back rooms.
Click on the picture to see it larger.
Go to the post with the  Google satellite map and a link to it.

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